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Welcome to Hagstrom Saab

As you will see we are passionate about Saabs and with good reason ..

As an independent specialist and now an Authorised Genuine Saab Parts Supplier, we have a wide range of Saabs for sale and offer servicing, repairs, spares, accessories, MOTs, power upgrades, modifications, air-conditioning and friendly advice! We have a Gargantuan supply of s/h mechanical parts in stock not yet listed on our accessories/parts page. We are situated just south of Norwich in Norfolk, East Anglia. We have Tech II diagnostic equipment.

Courtesy cars are provided where necessary and every trade-in proposal is considered. We accept most credit cards, online bank transfers, payment via paypal and orders may be placed by phone and posted internationally.

We are open Monday-Saturday and Sundays by appointment. Browsing through our Facebook page, Hagstrom Saab: Independent Saab Specialist, Norfolk, will give you a flavour of what we're about!

We have a particularly good stock of new parts for the Saab 96 and Saab 95 which are often difficult to find.

Looking for a SAAB? If the model you're searching isn't listed, we may be able to source it for you through our web of connections. We can also provide a home to any retired or surplus Saabs you have with a view to keeping them on the road.

We have an extensive range of literature and what has been described as an Aladdin’s Cave of accessories and parts. We look forward to meeting you ...

Tom Hagstrom
07787 117522 - 07946 467654

12 9-3 Convertible, 1.9TTID, manual, 30K, Grey £coming soon
11 9-3 Aero Saloon, 1.9TTID, Auto, 78K, Black £POA
59 9-5 Turbo Edition, Saloon, 1.9TID 16V, Blue, manual, 94K FSH £POA
09 9-3 Turbo X LTD, Saloon, black, manual, 2.8V6 XWD 65K £9495
09 9-3 Vector Sportwagon, Black, 1.9TID, manual, 76k FSH £POA
09 9-3 Vector Saloon, Grey, 1.9TID, manual, 122K, FSH £2895
08 9-3 Airflow Sportwagon, 1.9TID 16V, manual, Silver, FSH 113K £2995
08 9-3 Airflow Saloon, Black, 1.9TID 8V, manual, SH, 214K £1295
57 9-5 Linear Estate, Black, 1.9TID 16V, manual, 133K £POA
57 9-3 Vector Saloon, Silver, 1.9TID 16V, Auto, 112K, FSH £POA
57 9-3 Aero Sportwagon, 2.0T, Auto, Silver, 120K £POA
57 9-3 Vector Sportwagon Biopower, Silver, 2.0T, manual, 117K FSH £POA
57 9-3 Vector Sportwagon, Silver, 2.0T, manual, 114K £POA
07 9-3 Vector Anniversary Saloon, 2.0T, manual, 112K £POA
07 9-5 Vector Anniversary, Saloon, 1.9TID,manual,137K,FSH £2495
07 9-3 Vector Convertible, Silver, 2.0T, manual, FSH 74K £POA
07 9-3 Vector Sportwagon, Grey, 1.9TID 16V, manual, SH, 130K £1895
07 9-3 Aero Sport Saloon, Black, 2.8V6T, manual, 104K, FSH £3995
06 9-3 Aero, Saloon, Silver, V6 2.8T, manual, 85K, 340BHP £POA
06 9-5 Vector Sport 1.9 Auto Estate, full leather, tinted - £2495
06 9-5 Vector Sport saloon, 2.3T, manual, 120K £POA
55 9-3 Aero Saloon, Beige, 2.0T, Auto, 60K, FSH £POA
55 9-5 Vector Estate, Grey, 2.2TID, Auto, 111K, SH £2395
55 9-3 Vector Saloon, Black, 1.9TID 16V, Manual, 155K £1595
55 9-3 Linear Sportwagon, Grey, 1.9TID 8V, 114K, FSH £195
55 9-3 Vector Sport Estate - 123k, manual, grey - £1995
05 9-3 Aero Convertible, Silver, 2.0T, manual 95K £2495
05 9-3 Vector Sport Saloon, black, 1.9TID, manual, 195K £995
05 9-3 Linear Saloon, Silver, 1.9TID 16V, Automatic, 180K £POA
04 9-5 Arc Estate, 2.3T, Auto, Grey, FSH £1995
03 9-3 SE Turbo Convertible, Silver, 2.0T, Manual, 114k £POA
02 9-3 SE Turbo Convertible, Grey, 2.0T, manual, 117K £POA
02 9-3 SE Turbo Coupe, Grey, 2.oT, Auto, 107K £POA
02 9-3 Aero, Coupe, Red, 2.0T, manual, FSH 93K £2395
2000 9-5 Aero, Saloon, Black, 2.3T, auto, 68K, FSH £POA
2000 9-3 S Convertible, blue, manual 101k, £995
2000 9-5 Aero Saloon, Silver, 2.3T, auto, 163K FSH £1695
1999 9-3 5-dr – 82k, white, £995
1999 9-3 Viggen 2.3 Turbo 5-dr - black, long MOT - poa
1999 9-3 Viggen 2.3 Turbo 3-dr - blue, FSH - poa
1999 9-5 Estate, Cosmic Blue, 2.3T, Auto, 88K £1295
1998 9-3 S Convertible, 2.0, manual, Blue, £1295
1998 9-3S 5-dr - spoiler, alloys, green, 142k, MOT - £895
1990 900i 5 Door Blue, Leather interior, FSH, Auto - coming soon
1993 900 T16S Convertible, manual Burgundy, leather, 100k £POA
1992 900 Turbo S Convertible, 2.0 HOT, Manual, 130K, Green, £POA
1989 900 T16 Auto Convertible, Silver,102K £POA
1985 900 LTD Tjugofem, silver, 2 door, 130K - £2995
1981 900 GLE Gold Special Edition - one owner, minilites - £5995
1977 96 V4 Black tax exempt, amazing history - £3995
1972 Sonett III V4 - red - POA
1955 Saab 92 B - a rare specimen, tax exempt - POA

Restoration projects

1990 9000 SE 2.3i, green, leather interior £POA
1993 900 T16S Convertible, manual Burgundy, leather, 100k £POA
1984 900 Turbo 5 door, manual, light blue/silver, 80K £POA
1978 99 Turbo 3 door, manual, black, red interior, fsh £POA

For photos of our cars for sale, please follow this link:

 900 Convertible

Signs of convertible weather approaching! Enjoy this early Classic 900 T16 convertible - beautiful condition throughout, meticulously cared for and with full Saab service history, low miles - see the "cars for sale" page for more details.

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