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Friends and associates of Hagstrom Saab have some pretty strong views about the superiority of the Saab brand, as you might expect. Please choose a journal below and read what our learned enthusiasts have to say...

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Alan's Column

Spreading the word


Part II


Dual Oil Filtration

Dual Oil Filtration

Dual flow oil filtration in action

Saab 99 GLE 1978 restored in 2000, fitted with the system and in daily use. Since then covered 50,000 miles on one filter change, no oil change. Supplied by ATF Limited.

Tom has suggested I take to my computer to write up a journal that has the express purpose of airing my knowledge on a subject and product that my associates and I have a passionate belief in and have developed over many years, specifically for use by you. The problem I have with this is: firstly, are you remotely interested in what we have to say, and secondly, will you be sufficiently impressed to participate and take action once you have digested the content.

Well, firstly, you should be interested because we are able to offer you a way out of spending lots of your hard earned money on unnecessary servicing expenses. You see, for the last 30+ years, many organisations and companies, including commercial transport fleets, have used this particular technology to great effect, saving themselves in some cases, millions of pounds in maintenance and down time costs, insuring themselves against expensive breakdowns. Yet you, the general public, the biggest consumer of oil products on the Planet are, I can guarantee, unaware of this productís existence.

Secondly, the reason for you not knowing about this particular piece of technology is economics. You see, both the Government and the oil companies have got it made when it comes to taking money off you. So, why break the habit of a life-time? All the time that you are quite happy to place your money in their Bank Accounts, they are going to accept it willingly and you, unfortunately, are quite willing to go on letting them drain you of your reserves. This is because you have been conditioned and brainwashed into accepting a long established practice all because you are unaware of any alternatives and, if you donít abide by these rules, failure to do so could cost you dear. Well, you could not get further away from the truth if you tried. In the early days of motoring, YES, oil changes were necessary. BUT, no longer. When did the gearbox in your Saab last have a change of oil? You will not find any instruction in a service manual today stating that the gearbox oil should be changed at periodic intervals. It has been found to be unnecessary and therefore, uneconomic. The engine of a jet aircraft never has its oil changed during its working life, until, that is, it has a major overhaul. Again, to change the lubricating oil in a jet engine is uneconomic and very expensive and has proven to be unnecessary.

So what is it that we have got that is so special? Well, we have spent a very considerable amount of money and time on a filtration system that actually does what the word implies. It actually filters the oil. It removes all the impurities the oil comes into contact with, including water, throughout the duration of the oil's operational life. The current product attached to your Saab that is called an oil filter does not, and cannot, filter oil and certainly does not remove water.

It was not designed to filter oil. Its purpose is to protect the engine from harmful solid particle matter, ie. wear metals etc that are capable of damaging the working surfaces of components such as bearings, pistons etc. and this it does not do effectively because any particle content transmitted in the oil flow has to pass through the engine via the oil pump before the filter can collect it.

How do I know this? I am a qualified engineer trained as an engine re-manufacturing specialist from the 60ís and, therefore, extremely experienced with the results of engines and component damage caused by contaminated oil sludge and emulsification. If you want to know how well an engine has been looked after, examine its oil pump. The damage and scouring to this component alone tells the whole story. My partner in the business has been involved in the filtration industry all his working life, so our knowledge in the subject is second to none.

Our aim was to produce a product that is capable of giving a 5 year operating life span to oils or a mileage target of 100,000 miles between oil changes for the motorist, assisted through periodic filter element changes. To do this we had to down-size this technology in order that it could be marketed as a replacement for the popular spin on filter element you are all familiar with.

We have been so successful that we ourselves are amazed at the end result. Driving two Saab 99ís (yes! No typist error), two restored 99ís, one has passed through the 40,000 miles barrier with one filter change and my own has done 25,000 miles without a filter change; one running on synthetic oil and the other running on mineral oil. Both oils are in perfect running condition and the engines are totally free from sludge and emulsification. We know from past testing (testing carried out in conjunction with the Ford Motor Company at Dagenham on their own electron microscopic equipment) that no harmful wear deposits could be detected whatsoever on a magnification of 500:1. The oil in this case having been in service for a period of 7 years using our technology on their own equipment within the organisation.

However, without your participation, we cannot achieve our ultimate goal. Everyone now is becoming more eco-aware and, with your participation, anybody using our equipment will be doing their bit in preserving the Planetís resources and saving energy. The World is awash with used oil of which only 14% is recycled back for re-use. The rest has to be disposed of in some other way. Oil companies do everything they can to suppress this technology for fear of losing out. We cannot change the world overnight and have no intention of doing so. There will always be a need to recycle oil, which cannot be stopped. What it means for the recycling industry is that, when they receive a product that needs processing, it will be received in a much better condition and therefore less expensive to process.

What it means for us at present is, we have to manufacture units in small quantities. This does of course affect our sale price but it is a lot cheaper than having to replace a blown engine, especially a Turbo powered engine. Eventually we will be able to supply units manufactured out of plastic for the mass market and the unit is transferable.

Just consider this: whilst you are running your engine when nearing an oil change on grinding paste (a statement that is a bit extreme but emphasises the desired effect) damaging the working surfaces, we are running our cars without fear of damage on a pure oil product providing permanent 100% lubrication protection.

I am deliberately not blinding you with facts and figures at this early stage. All is revealed on our web site through which you can contact us. Hagstrom Saab is your local distributor.

One last important point. If you are driving a Saab that is under warranty and fitted with one of our units, you can rest assured that your statutory rights are not affected as far as guarantee claims are concerned. The manufacturer has to honour his obligations, just as we have to honour our own.

If you are reading this last paragraph, I am pleased. I have retained your attention. By the way, three major car manufacturers are about to launch new models with their own version of our technology fitted as standard. The engine blocks have been re-designed to accept it, which makes them unsuitable for retro use.

Tom is only too pleased to introduce the unit to you. Please feel free to ask any questions either by email or call me on 01263 860638.

Many thanks for your time.

Alan Roper

5 April 2005

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