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Friends and associates of Hagstrom Saab have some pretty strong views about the superiority of the Saab brand, as you might expect. Please choose a journal below and read what our learned enthusiasts have to say...

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Stuart's Spin-offs

An Exhaustive Quest for Answers


Give me a boilersuit and braces enthusiasm


My sense of humour


Even the hairdresser drives a stunning Classic 900 ..


Stand out from the masses

Even the hairdresser drives a stunning Classic 900 ..

In reply to Matt's journal on the subject of being safer in an older Saab.....yes I would tend to agree. Although some test results which I have been reading lately on the net suggest the classic Saab 900 rates similar to a more ordinary car. The Saab 9000 range however, have been rated as one of the safest cars on the planet. To add insult we have a main Saab dealer near us have just secured a Daewoo franchise. It does look strange, the Daewoo brand (inferior)? selling and sitting alongside such a quality mark as Saab? I would suggest that the Daewoo is selling more rapidly, not because of quality but because of price and yes I agree the general public are sometimes easily mislead.

Why is it though that someone like Matt can be enticed back into a Saab classic 900 and give up on a VW Golf? I do admire the 900 classic Matt has now.

What is it about the 900 classic, or Saab in general? I read somewhere that Saab have a customer loyalty to the brand of something like 80+% much better customer loyalty than Mercedes or BMW. My sister in-law mind you was thinking of purchasing a new 9-3 convertible but to my amazement after a weekend test drive she declined to buy?, Why because seemingly the suspension was so very harsh?. In my opinion the new 9-3 looks stunning but as yet I have not had the chance to drive one. I have certainly thought of purchasing a Saab 900 classic hatch, I think it would be good for certain items for business and carrying the dogs on occasion, I think.

I have read owners testimonials of how their Saab gave up itself to save their owners lives.....Some I have seen with the photographs after the accident. What these Saab mainly 900 classics took was quite remarkable. So why then do the crash testers give the classic 900 a rating alongside ordinary cars.

The Daewoos strangely seem to be creeping up the crash test rating and these things look as though they are made out of old syrup tin technology!!!!.....some of these cars don't seem to stand our harsh winters.......Saab surely designed and built with harsh winters in mind. The facts quite frankly just don't seem to add up. Saab owners surely know the score, after all they drive the cars and then go back again and again to purchase another Saab. Will my Saab dealer be gaining new customers to buy the Daewoos.....will, dare I say it, some loyal Saab owners be converted to a Daewoo? Another question, Daewoos don't
have heated seats do they? Do they have patented and tried safety technology? have they been innovators of design safety, fire retardent interior, large lights, comfortable seats, i could go on and on....posing questions...

Oh! the thought of a Scandanavian heater and heated seats this! it would be luxury....I froze last heated seats or Saab heater. Why do i continue to endure this? A few of my friends drive Saab 9000's and all have heated seats......pure luxury and class.

Best regards

Stuart (Scotland)

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